Arcola, Indiana - Volunteer Fire Department

Service For Others

"Non Sibi Sed Omnibus"

The Arcola Indiana Volunteer Fire Department

Roughly translated, "Non Sibi Sed Omnibus" means "Not for self, but for all."

It is an ideal forgotten by many, practiced by few. 

Things we do

The Arcola Volunteer Fire Department responds to emergency incidents and take appropriate action to secure the area, mitigate property damage, deny entry and use the appropriate resources trained to handle the given emergency.

  • Emergency Services

    It is the mission of the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department to provide emergency services, within its response area.

  • Fire Prevention

    Fire suppression in all structures in the service area

  • EMS

    Emergency Medical Services at the First Responder - EMT ELS in the service area

  • Hazardous Materials

    Hazardous materials incidents at the response-awareness, operational level in the service area

  • Confined space incidents

    Confined space incidents at the awareness level in the service area

  • Rescues

    Ice rescues, Still water (ponds, lakes), Swift water (rivers, floods), High angle rescue

    Arcola Volunteer Fire Department  |  11329 Railroad Street  |  Arcola  |  IN  |  46704  |  U.S.A.